Dear friends and family of Sage Farm,

Like many small businesses, we normally operate on tight margins. We believe strongly in the Stay-at-Home order, however it has ended our lesson program for the foreseeable future, which constitutes 75% of our income. We are feeding and caring for 23 horses. It pains me to say, but we are going to need some help.

We are exhausting our personal resources, applying for all government help, and borrowing to close the gap. We are also working with our creditors and vendors. The feed and supplies that the horses need comes from small businesses who will not last long without being paid.  

The breakdown of the horses’ essential needs goes like this:

        Hay: $3914/mo
        Grain: $1696/mo
        Bedding: $2100/mo
        Farrier: $1600/mo
        Manure Removal: $766/mo
        Total: $10,076/mo

If we can pay the folks who provide these essential supplies, then we will make it through to the other side of this pandemic. We get our hay and grain from Gilmore’s Feed and Supply in Walpole. They told us the best way to give directly would be to call or come in the store for a gift certificate. We can then use it to pay our bill. We also created a Venmo account: Brian Russell @Sage-Farm-Horses.  

We also have a page on for Support Sage Farm
The link is:

And finally, you can always send a check to Sage Farm, 349 Dedham Street, Dover MA 02030. 

I want to thank everyone who has helped already. Just a small donation from enough people will make a huge difference. Please come to the farm when the pandemic is over and I will introduce you to the horses you helped. In the meantime, please visit our FB page for pictures and news to stay connected with your favorite ponies!

Many Thanks,
The Staff and Horses at Sage Farm​


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