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Farm Experience Program

Sage Farm horse farm is now offering a farm experience program for adventurous people age 16 and up. Young people and adults of all ages are welcome. We can accept a limited number of 12-15 year-olds with express written permission from a parent. This is a training program to learn how to work on a farm. It’s also a fantastic experience for its own sake. You certainly do not need to be seeking a career on a horse farm to get an amazing amount of satisfaction, learning, and doing what we do here everyday. There will be no formal curriculum. We will take each day on together. You can sign up for one day, one day each week, or more. We are currently offering these spots Monday through Friday.

There is no horse experience necessary. We will teach you at your own pace.

In addition to 25 horses, there are extremely cute goats, chickens, perennial gardens, and a 100 foot tropical greenhouse on the farm with Koi, turtles and Goldfish. Your experience will be different every day; as that is the nature of a farm. Participants will begin by shadowing a staff member and doing simple tasks. Then you can progress to more independent jobs.. Do not be mistaken, it’s hard work. And sometimes you aren’t doing your favorite job. But take it from us – working on a farm is a uniquely fulfilling experience.

Most days we can have one or two participants from 8:30am – 11:30am. The charge is $10/hour. You might be asking “why would I pay for myself or my child to work”? Well, practical education boosts a person’s self-esteem, confidence, personal interactions, knowledge and skills. The manager you will be working with will be taking time from his/her day to teach and supervise. As one develops skills and independence, he/she may graduate to a volunteer position, or even a paid position. But that’s not the goal of the program. The main goal is to share the immense satisfaction of working on a farm and developing relationships with people and animals.

All my life I have noticed how people grow when they work on a farm and become part of a barn community. This kind of experience softens hard edges, eases depression, and gives people a sense of completeness. I know this personally because working on a farm does those things for me.

Farm chores can include the following list. But part of the experience is that one never knows what the day will bring!

-Cleaning up after horses, chickens and goats
-Farm cleanup, raking, gardening
-Feeding, watering, turning out horses.
-Shadowing experienced workers and horse care professionals
-Learning about horse nutrition and making their meals
-Maintaining an old barn! Painting, fence repair, etc.
-Routine and seasonal jobs like cleaning the hayloft, maintaining the greenhouse, and tending the gardens.
-Helping to organize equipment and storage areas
-Learning about horse health, treatment and prevention of common horse issues
-Grooming the riding arenas with a tractor
-Care and maintenance of greenhouse plants
-Cleaning and maintaining the horse’s tack.


Sage Farm Riding School
Dover, Massachusetts

(508) 785 9945